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Meet Our Staff

Gordon D. Donald, MD
Spine Rehabilitation and Therapy

Joanne M. Testa, Practice Administrator


Gordon D. Donald, MD

Dr. Donald pic for home page - Copy.jpgAfter completing his residency in orthopaedic surgery with additional specialty training in sports medicine, Dr. Donald completed his spinal surgical fellowship at  St. Luke’s Spine Center in Cleveland OH and is board certified in both orthopaedic surgery and spinal surgery. He is a member of multiple spinal and orthopaedic societies and has particular interests in reconstructive spinal surgery including scoliosis, spinal deformity, and spinal tumors as well as degenerative disorders and herniated discs. Dr. Donald is especially skilled in minimally invasive spinal surgery including laparoscopic and thorascopic assisted and minimal access approaches.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities of providing expert spinal care to patients, Dr. Donald is very involved in spinal surgical research and the development of new instruments, devices, and techniques to advance the field of spinal surgery. He has authored multiple papers and has lectured globally teaching others new techniques in spinal surgery.

Dr. Donald serves as the Medical Director and Director of Spinal Surgery for NJ Ortho Group, LLC


Spinal Physiatry/Interventional Pain Management

Many disorders of the spine, despite excellent manual treatment, may require additional  management such as medications or procedures.  Interventional pain techniques can often be utilized as a rapid diagnostic and therapeutic tool to get to the root of a particular pain syndrome in a minimally invasive fashion.

As a patient at the New Jersey Ortho Group, you will find all of our physicians eminently qualified and expert at evaluating your spinal problem.  Treatment for this will then be instituted with those spinal disciplines most appropriate for your condition.  In this way, you are always afforded the best that all forms of spinal care have to offer.

Spinal Physical Therapy

As cardiac therapy is specific to disorders of the heart, specialty spinal physical therapy is specific for your spinal problem.  Striving always to lessen pain and improve function, spinal physical therapy focuses on improving spinal structure and protection through muscular strengthening and control. Passive modalities such as hot packs or electrical stimulation, used alone without proactive functional strengthening, are notoriously ineffective for most spinal conditions.

Our staff provide an expertise in spinal physical therapy and rehabilitation that makes New Jersey Ortho Group, the best choice for spinal therapy. Through knowledgeable personal care, our patients achieve superior results and finish their programs with a clear understanding of how to appropriately manage their spine in the future.

Commonly, spinal physical therapy is most effectively combined with other spinal care disciplines such as medical management, chiropractic, or surgical treatment. Long term success with spinal physical therapy requires progression to an independent exercise program that the patient makes part of their lifestyle.  To this end, post-therapy exercise programs, especially focused on spinal disorders, are very helpful in preventing future problems or recurrence of symptoms.

Joanne M. Testa

Ms. Testa is the practice administrator of NJ Ortho Group, LLC and in charge of day to day operations. She is highly experienced in business management and the administrative aspects of medical practices. With a past background in providing superb customer care in a retail business and years of experience with the clinical care of emergency medical patients, she brings a patient-centric focus to the services delivered by NJ Spine Group.

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