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New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC
 46 Newman Springs Road East
 Bldg A Suite D
 Red Bank , NJ  07701
Ph: 732-747-7110


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New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC


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About Us

New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC is a unique institute focused solely on the care of spinal disorders. The clinicians of NJ Ortho Group, LLC have established this center to provide a wide array of expert services specifically for the spine patient. Spinal disorders including complex deformities such as scoliosis as well as more common back and neck pain as well as more complex problems such as scoliosis, require dedicated specialty treatment not typically found in general practice setting such as general orthopaedic and neurosurgical settings.

At the heart of New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC are its physicians who have collaborated from varying specialties in spinal medicine.  Since  no single specialty in spinal medicine can adequately diagnose and treat all  spinal problems, New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC combines the skills of many to accomplish this. By providing expert services “under one roof”, our clinicians can easily and effectively communicate with each other to provide the highest quality of patient care.

New Jersey Ortho Group, LLC offers a multitude of specialists to care for your spinal condition including the most advanced spinal surgery available.  However, understanding that the vast majority of patients with back and neck pain never need surgery, NJSG has assembled a group of clinicians offering the finest in non-operative spinal care. The physiatric and chiropractic services of NJ Ortho Group often work together to  provide swift and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Working with our experts in interventional pain management and spinal rehabilitation, most patients experience expert personal care resulting in resolution of their pain and return to function. With the addition of new technologies such as intervertebral disc distraction utilizing the DRX 9000, the non-operative spine service at NJ Ortho Group has a full armamentarium to care for all your spinal needs.

When non-operative care fails however, the spine surgical service of NJ Ortho Group is dedicated to providing the best treatment for your spinal problems. With a philosophy of providing minimally invasive care, even for reconstructive spinal fusions, and expertise in motion preservation spinal reconstruction such as artificial disc replacement, the surgical service of NJ Spine Group best meets the needs of the spinal surgical patient.

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